For one man everyday is Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2012


For many “Earth Day” is celebrated each year on April 22 with events held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment, but for Mr. Carroll Cox everyday and every moment is Earth Day.

There is no day off for Carroll Cox, as he continues his tireless mission to put an end to environmental injustice by way of investigating and exposing environmental degradation, habitat destruction, poaching, clear cutting, pollution, animal cruelty, and government waste and abuse.

Its his relentless ability to bring problems to the forefront and create an impact that makes real change, that creates an evolving necessary high standard that is beyond reproach by others. With a hard hitting strength that underneath is driven by a love for the earth and for his fellow human being.

Along with his brilliant use of Media and technology, whether through his Radio show that broadcast every Sunday on KWAI 1080 am radio here in Honolulu, journalist, TV Stations and media experts from around the world make use of his photographs, video, his stories and Mr. Cox’s ability to uncover and follow through with positive outcomes, problems concerns and issues that effect our global community.

Many hope that his continued work will be exemplified, and more importantly to serve as an example that others will hold themselves to a higher standard and make better choices for everyone and our earth, whether it is a City Worker, State employee or manager, those we put and trust in office, not only here in Hawaii, but in Washington DC with our senate, and globally with our world leaders.

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