Our Brains Electromagnetic signals

Posted on March 8, 2012


Article by Tina Quizon, as scientist continue to understand the complexity of our human biology, one of the most unexplored and unexplained area’s is the Human Brain “signaling system”.

In particular is the brains ability to receive and broadcast
“Electromagnetic Signals”. The Neuroscience of understanding this complex network of receiving and broadcasting of the brain and its activity, in the last fews years has begun to be a major field of focus.

But our science, research and modern technology is very limited in the detection of the brain’s full spectrum, it’s capacities, function and circuitry and how our brain operates within our biology and it’s capabilities to receive and broadcast to the world and universe.

Our brain’s full capabilities could be compared to our scientist ability to detect cosmic rays, infra red and other light waves and lower frequencies. Man can only see and understand the Human Brain within our current understanding, technology and certain known measurable spectrum’s.

This Micro to the Macro comparison of the brain to the universe, could also be equated with the principles of Quantum Mechanics and the laws of conservation, while defying the laws of thermo-dynamics’s. For research into the “Energy of the Brain” is still a very new area of research, at which science and Psychology have begun to identify some similarities in understanding the complexities of our brains thought capability.

The very thought and often quoted as a scientific phrase “our past, present & future” time is NOW, is thought provoking enough, to stretch the limits of understanding into the full capabilities of the mind, our thoughts and the Human Brain. Begging another the question “how far in the universe do our thoughts effect??” I believe Seneca had a small glimpse of our human potential and immensity.

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