Residents risk Life & limb at Waiawa stream in Hawaii during the early morning

Posted on March 6, 2012


85 Year old Mr. Tin Ho Young has lived next to the Waiawa Stream and for more than 50 years has been dealing with flooding and the removal of debris under the bridge of the Waiawa Stream on Oahu Hawaii.

And early in the morning hours before sunrise was no different, as life threating condition of flooding again forced Mr. Young and several other residents to climb under the bridge in the dark with flashlights and dislodge large tree’s, car parts, tires, barrels, Hazardous drums and other garbage that was blocking the flow of the stream.

This video was shot at 6am by Micah Young after spending the early morning hours with his family and neighbors clearing the heavy debris.

Through out the years many residents have ask for help from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Navy, State of Hawaii the City & County of Honolulu, and the Civil Defense. With no avail, and the question we should ask ourselves is why is no one responding and why our the residents left to defend for themselves from flooding, to clear & dislodge the bridge from debris, to save there homes??

Were is the disaster management plan of action by our state and federal agencies, or action response from any government officials and why are residents left to their devices to stay out of harms way??

The residents shared how each time it is getting worse, and for the last several years adding to the growing problem is not only the illegal Junk Yard whose broken cars, hazardous materials, abandoned service vans, and junk, dangling over the stream bed just waiting to be swept into the water. Also the drooping overhanging electric line that has over grown with weeds, vine and brush that HECO fails to address. Again early this morning resident had to cut away the vines that were entangled with the overgrown brush and building a collection of more debris.

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