CEO – Bob Barlow of Oceanic Time Warner continued attempts to take away our freedom of speech, freedom of press

Posted on March 5, 2012


So if no one watches or values the TV shows and programs created and produced by individuals and aired on the Community Public Access airwaves. Then why is it that Bob Barlow “CEO and President” of Oceanic Time Warner continues his attempts to disband our Hawaii local Public Access channels.

With perhaps over 1000 viewing channels available by Oceanic Time Warner Cable verses Oahu’s Public Access currently being less than 6 channels, how can Public Access be such a threat to such a large Media conglomerate??

And why is our local Hawaii government selling out and giving away our right to freedom of press and freedom of speech??

And here in lies the real dangers, as the U.S. media landscape is dominated by massive corporations that, through a history of mergers and acquisitions, so does the continue abuse of power and the ability to concentrate their control over what we see, hear and read.

And with the current illegal activities that has been demonstrated and revealed with the improprieties and abuse of power by these larger Media agencies. We as individuals, communities and nations, should worry about and uphold their freedom of information. Rupert Murdoch’s News corp are the shining example of when we relinquish our rights and the democracy of our nation.

And so now chimes in Oceanic Time Warner which is the largest media conglomerate in the world trying to take down the little guys and also our ability to communicate, share and disseminate stories, news and information.

This mis-attempt on Bob Barlow part, to break apart, devalue and to shut down community Television Public Access and the broadcasting of individuals works, content, freedom of speech, freedom of press, out to people and the airwaves must be addressed.

People must start to question when one entity wants to overpower and control the pathways of our tele-communications, other sectors and markets, and question is that abuse of power and domination really what is best for individuals, for our society, for commerce.

Just listen in to the damage, abuse and mistrust we are seeing in the news, you don’t even have to eavesdrop to see the cost to our global community that News Corp and others, whose illegal activities have created.

Globally people do value the content and contributions of individual producers who use Public Access. Using myself as an example of the global community that has voted, that our voice counts, the issues and concerns we bring to the table matter. This new year alone 2012, I received recognition and an award for the most watch TV Show locally & internationally on the Olelo Community Television website and in 2011 another award with the New York City International Film Festival awarding “Pathways to Pardise” recognition as the “most creative TV Pilot”. Mr. Bob Barlow take that information, those awards and numbers back to your board meeting in New York City and to the banks when someone says community television doesn’t matter or can’t hold a stone to commercial media. The people’s voice continues to matter, and should not be taken away or for-granted.

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