Kmart’s Theft & missing money of customers

Posted on March 4, 2012


Kmart stores are currently owned by Sears who is going more and more into the Financial Bankruptcy Abyss.

Recent transactions could reveal an even deeper problem in the corporate structure and more importantly the pocket books of individual customers.

Attempts to speak with the store Manager have failed and Mike Lane could not be reached for comment.

Sandra Lee, a Senior citizen and Kmart customer here in Hawaii made a layaway at the Waikele Kmart Store. Being on a fix income and a tight budget, Kmart’s so-called flexible layaway contract and plan seemed to make a purchase of some baby items for a new grandchild possible for the Senior citizen.

But when she went in to make an additional payment on her layaway, she was shocked, when the new receipt and balanced printed out.

Instead of her balance going down the dollar amount had went up. Upon asking the cashier what was going on with her layaway contract, she was insulted and than made too feel stupid and ignorant, by the cashier responding that this was her balance as per the print out on the receipt, asking her to move along in the line so she can help the next customer. As the line of customers was long behind Mrs. Lee, with the other customers acting impatient and showing no understanding or empathy for the missing $30.00 dollars of Mrs. Lee was now out of. I don’t know about you, but for me I can’t afford to just toss $30.00 out of my pocket to the wind. Embarrassed and insulted Mrs. Lee (a widow) persisted to ask the cashier about the higher balance. And again Mrs. Lee was put off to the side, as the cashier was unwilling to check further into the discrepancy and dismissed Mrs. Lee, leaving her frustrated and baffled as to were her money that she paid and had a receipt for on Feb.7, 2012 went.

Shaken Mrs. Lee went to the front of the store and sat down at the tables near the Pizza restaurant inside Waikele Kmart. I joined Mrs. Lee and she told me about the incident and the missing money. I went and told another Kmart Employee who finally called an on duty assistant manager. After a very long wait, the assistant manager came asked Mrs. Lee to explain her problems, taking the receipts she went off to the customer service area, asking Mrs. Lee to remain in at the tables while she researched the layaway contract.

In a time that felt like it seemed forever, the assistant manager name Seila, returned to us and apologized for any wait and the missing funds. Stating that she is not sure were the money went, but can see the transaction, but would immediately correct the layaway contract to reflect the actual balanced owed. Seila said not to worry, go ahead about your day and that there was nothing to worry about, signed the Feb 7, 2012 payment receipt acknowledging the missing money transaction that needed to be corrected.

We finally left the store after 2 hours too many of trying to resolve the missing money of Mrs. Lee. Fast forward to yesterday, I again bring Mrs. Lee back to Kmart to make a payment on the Layaway contract, it is now March 3, 2012 and about 4 weeks after the missing money was taken from Mrs. Lee’s, Bank Debit card by Kmart.
And low and behold the money is still missing, has not been applied to Mrs. Lee’s layaway contract and the balance is higher than the actual amount owed.

Again Mrs. Lee was put off to the side, as the cashier was unwilling to check further into the discrepancy and dismissed Mrs. Lee, leaving her frustrated and baffled, after refusing to leave and asking to speak to the Store Manager, finally a different assistant manager come and Mrs. Lee again proceed to ask were her money is at??

The manager was not about to tell Mrs. Lee what was going on. So we again left the store in frustration.

These issues and concerns are only the tip of the ice berg, and do not seem as rare as one may think. As I am constantly being told about other incidents with corporations like some of the large Cable, Tele-Communications and Cell phone companies like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T finding ways to steal customers hard earned cash. Many customers reporting to me that often at times being put on hold or transferred from one customer service agent to the next in some cases for as mush as 6 hours trying to resolve the blatant theft of their money.

So who is the advocate and who monitors such transactions and theft of our money? This skimming from the top of a customers bank account and then the corporation who’s electronic transaction allowed for the funds to be removed from the bank, no wonder Sears and Kmart are in the Financial Bankruptcy Abyss, with the Black hole of the electronic financial currency disappearing into someones pocket or off shore account. Where is the oversight??