Ravi Drums stellar beats hit Hawaii’s Ecosphere

Posted on February 26, 2012


High energy and stellar beats hit the beaches, waterways and the airways as Ravi Drums entertained live on stage over an infinity pool for thousands of people in Hawaii. Streaming out beats across the ocean and attracting crowds, creating “rifts” in the light, space, and time, forming a multi-dimensional experience for those entranced in Ravi’s performance.

Ravi Drums was live in Hawaii and filmed on location in Waikiki by Pathways to Paradise Executive TV Producer, Tina Quizon.

Ravi’s stellar energy and Rock star performances & status has gained him global popularity, in 2010 he was voted 2010 Peoples Choice “The Worlds Best Innovative Dj/Drummer”.

Performing with Hollywood Icons such as Paula Abdul, Ricky Martin, Will Smith and The Black Eyed Peas, Ravi has appeared at many Top A-list parties including the HBO Emmy after party, Fashion Week in New York City and Los Angeles, and at mega sport star Michael Jordan’s party. His musical styles include house, dance, funk, rock, Latin, Brazilian, reggae, Reggaeton, swing and hip-hop.

Ravi has DJ for legendary Hugh Hefner, appearing in a Gap commercial, and played a small role in The Matrix Reloaded and drummed his electro beats for Britney Spears video “Till the World Ends”.