Infinite Waves of Wellness, investigating the Molecular side of Scalar in Health

Posted on February 22, 2012


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently featured a story with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s cutting edge technology the “EE System” (Energy Enhancement System). And this week here in Hawaii, I will have an opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Michael doing some TV interviews and to find out more about this new Sector in Health and Medicine, her innovation and the Advancements in wellbeing she is creating.

Dr. Michael’s scalar energy EE System is what many are recognizing as the new standard in health. Her invention is a groundbreaking innovation essential for individuals and the Medical industry as an advanced wave of technology that brings wellbeing into the body.

EESystem™ is touted as a true proprietary applied integrative bio-physics technology that is safe, clinically tested, backed by many years of scientific research, proven to nullify detrimental electropollution and to create true bio-scalar fields with proven powerful beneficial results verified globally.

Scalar waves have been existence since the beginning of measurable time in the vacuums of empty space, and can be found in the atoms that make up our body or the air and universe that surrounds us.
First proposed by mathematician James Clerk Maxwell, demonstrated decades later by Nicola Tesla, and practically applied by Albert Einstein, scalar waves are now proving themselves to be an exciting new development in the field of health and medicine.

The scientific world has demonstrated that all life is made up of unseen energy. The normal cell pumps 70-90 milivolts of energy at optimum health. As a person grows older, acquires disease, or experiences stress, the voltage of the cell decreases. This decrease in energy has significant effects on the body, most significantly is the decreased ability of the body to recuperate or regenerate. This is where the application of scalar energy comes in.

Scalar energy, as opposed to other forms of energy (such as electrical or light), tends to fill its environment acting as a field as opposed to a simple wavelength. It is able to pass through solid objects, such as human cells, with no loss of intensity. It acts as a charger, boosting the voltage of the cell, making the cell wall more permeable, and facilitating greater intake of nutrients and elimination of waste. In other words, Dr. Michael tells us that “every single cell detoxifies.”

While Einstein was the first to practically apply the use of scalar energy scientifically, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has brought these advancements to a different level, incorporating into Health.

Her EESystem (EES) is a breakthrough technology, consisting of computer monitors aligned in a configuration that produces a field of scalar waves. Applied on a all-inclusive level, in an effort to bring about wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Michael’s encourages clients to “think positive thoughts,” allow the body to recognize its own health and “give their eyes permission to see clearly.” Upon completion of a session, many have reported increased mental focus, decreased stress, and improved over all health.

The use of scalar energy does not stop here. Health professionals are now looking at the effects that scalar energy is having on major diseases.

Dr. Michael and a global team is in the process of collecting data from actual cases and studies, along with the Mayo Clinic, on the effects of scalar energy in diabetic patients. Others have proposed the benefits that scalar energy might have on cancer patients by boosting their low energy cells in an effort to restore the optimum charge and encourage the body to heal.

This technology could prove to have profound effects on the way that disease is treated, and with more and more people turning away from pharmaceutical and radiation treatments and towards other innovations, scalar energy is leveraging a new standard of Health, Wellbeing and advancements in medicine.

In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal written By NANCY KEATES the WSJ visited a home with the system in Clarkesville Georgia.

“Clad in jeans and cowboy boots, musician John “JB” Bell reclined in a green fabric and metal chair on a Saturday morning, surrounded by 16 computers sitting on shelves about a foot from the ceiling. The computer screens glowed blue behind multicolored static, generating so much heat air-conditioning was needed to cool the room.

Keates article talks about “Mr. Bell, 49, said he spends a few hours every night and day he’s home in this “energy room,” working on lyrics, reading, thinking or sleeping. He says the energy generated by the computers creates an “uplifting vibe very similar to the feeling when the band improvises into new territory, and the audience seems to be right there alongside you.” His wife Laura, 48, said, “We joke it’s the new way of catching a buzz.”

WSJ article continues “The energy room is just one of the alternative treatments at the home of Mr. Bell, who for more than two decades has been the lead singer and guitarist for Southern rock jam band Widespread Panic. For about half the year Mr. Bell is on the road, playing drawn-out concerts and jamming late into the night. It’s a frenetic life, one he seeks to balance at his 1912 white Colonial that he’s also turned into a holistic wellness center in a tiny mountain town.”

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