The Greek-ter recession – what world country doesn’t have Greece’s financial makeup

Posted on February 21, 2012


So, what world country doesn’t have Greece’s financial makeup??

As the financial analyst, media and world experts spiral around the excitement of the DOW momentarily hit at the 13,000 mark, crude oil is again moving to the highest level and being the driver of stocks today. The question we should be asking ourselves is … what country is not using more debt to make up their financial base, the day to day operations, and payrolls??

Is the Greece crisis just a watermark or the cork in the leak of the spillway of a greater global recession waiting to burst??

Why aren’t we questioning the continued use of borrowing of credit by countries to run our economies??

Many are calling it the continued enslavement of people by the current global financial bases and systems with the giant ball and chain around our foot the crude oil. As Oil company’s continue to show billions and billions of dollars in profits every quarter.

The little man having to scrape money from his pocket to pay taxes, fill up his gas tank on something that leaves his stomach empty and the families with less food and cash on the table.

While the top 1% of benefactors of the current system remind the other 99% world citizens that they can’t understand the borrowing of debt, Credit Default Swaps (CDS), high risk, insurance and mortgage bonds, or Wall Street.

What is hard to understand about financial systems that are creating more debt, not working and the word broken??

The red curtain from the Wizard of Oz should be the opening and closing of the bell of stocks on Wall street.