Violence, hatred & the School of hard knocks

Posted on February 20, 2012


The School of hard knocks has returned, another young man whisked away in an ambulance and rushed to Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition. After being brutally beaten by a mob of young men and women at Lehua Elementary yesterday afternoon, in a series of disheartening events over the past several weeks. It’s an example that our youth is showing and turning more and more toward violent acts of hatred. To see them throwing away there dignity, compassion and respect, not only for themselves but for others. This should be unacceptable behavior but somehow seems to be instead a sad commentary of society and the way that we treat each other.

As this young man lays in the hospital in serious condition, his parents, grandparents, other family members, friends and loved ones wait, hoping for his full recovery. The question we should ask ourselves is: Why are we seeing such degradation, hate and violence in our youth? Are we failing as a society to instill good morals and values in our children? As parents, adults, school authorities and law enforcement who should be held accountable, who should lay the foundation for the youth that will someday soon become adults?

Society as a whole should not continue to choose not to respond or turn with a blind eye, regarding these hatred, violent acts of our youth, will there be no resolve or accountability?

This morning’s news paper story, about the child that was continually and sexually abused by a Waipahu Coach without any action from the very people we put the trust and care of our child in, is a prime example of details revealed about administrators that fail to act or file any police report or take action against these types of issues facing our youth.

Our Pearl City Lehua neighborhood, with a bike path, public park and the school all share the same boundaries, but the issues and concerns are obvious that there were no boundaries for these youth in respect, compassion, or understanding in the differences and uniqueness of each individual.

The 2 groups admitted to being from Waipahu and upper Pearl City, demonstrating a “not in my backyard” and mob style fighting mindset, that seemed quite organized, with any were from 30-50 teenage boys, girls and young adults. Most of the Mob had parked across the street and then walked onto the school campus, throwing verbal assaults and ganging up on individuals in about six separate fight groups, with many of the girls & boys taking video of the violence.

All steering to the real problem; that this is in all of “our’s backyard”, with Waipahu and Pearl City being barely less than a stone’s throw away, the island of Oahu is only so big, and Hawaii being a very small state, Yes we are all in this together.

These kids our our future, who if they don’t kill each other first will be entering our community colleges, working side by side of each other, helping to build the success or failure of the future of humanity, the structures and economies of not just our state, our nation and the globe.

We don’t need more violence, hatred and a community of “divided we stand”. This should speaks to the heart of ourselves, our leaders, humanity and our community.

But what is our youths current reference points? There are too many negative examples: the hate heard and seen for President Obama, a divide between congress, and then the White House and congresses divide and non support of the president, the ever widening gap with taxes for the rich and the poor, along with our State & City Officials deciding on a daily basis that big business, banks, corporations & their own self interest is 1st, and the American people last.

Where is the shining example for the next generation and our youth?? And are they just expressing the dysfunctional turmoil, hatred, mistrust they see in us all.

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