They only served themselves, government is taking our Public Access Television away

Posted on February 6, 2012


Our Nation was built upon the right for each American to have divine providence and sovereignty. To not remove our constitutional liberty, our civil rights, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of press. Our rights to have an individual voice and not to be impeded, or deprived by monopolies which force feed information and media by Government, commercial broadcasting station or outlets.

Now Government wants to take away the voice of the people, they have taken away our Gold, our Homes, our jobs, and now our Legislatures are working hard to take away our Voice in the media and community.

An abrupt under handed decision was made by Hawaii’s legislatures on Friday in an act of abuse of power and accountability to make a decision and vote on HB 2652 tomorrow, monday Feb 6, 2012. In a slide of the hand government now wants to OCCUPY our community public access television.

So why should you as an individual constituents of public access and community television, and the general public be concerned about such abuse of power and funding. PEG allows individuals to use public access TV to call attention to important issues, that gives a Just voice on issues.

We already on Oahu have only one Main newspaper, a Commercial Broadcast corporation in charge of 3 channels, which all don’t have the guts to ask and uncover the hard question. Main stream media is not impartial, steering and preferring the benefit to large corporations and Government over the very people its suppose to serve, steering away from deep issues for improper reasons.