Inspired Destiny… Living a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

Posted on January 23, 2012


Inspired Destiny By Dr. John F. Demartini

Deep inside every individual there is a desire or calling to live a truly inspired, purposeful and meaningful life; a life so fulfilled that they feel gratefully empowered in many if not all of the seven key areas of life: spiritual, mental, financial, vocational, family, physical and social.

Many people though, feel constrained or frustrated and bogged down by fears and guilt because they have not yet discovered the essential insights, tools, principles or methodologies that could actually help them fulfill such an inspiring life and dream. But no matter what they have been through or what they are going through, the truth is they truly can, and deserve to live such a life. They can live an inspiring destiny.

Dr. John Demartini, human behavioral specialist and internationally published author, shares significant keys to unlocking your inner potential, for awakening your inspired destiny and bringing your mission and talents to the world in his newest book, Inspired Destiny.

Our relationship with children is critical both for them and for us. Knowing how to recognize the genius in a child is the key to activating their potential and helping them shine. The greatest gift we can give a child is to love and appreciate them for who they are. As parents and educators, the most powerful tool we can master is gaining an understanding of human behavior and what drives and inspires a person. Knowing what is important to a child is the key to communication and plays an important role in their ability to achieve their goals and remain focused and inspired by what they are learning.

Dr. John Demartini has worked with teachers, parents, children and young adults in over 54 countries around the world. His book shows you how to understand family dynamics and dissolve dysfunction and learning disability labels, and to recognize the unique genius of every individual and how to guide his or her most inspired career choices.

Even when we understand the proper course, days often bring challenges that throw us off-center and bring out the opposite behavior and feelings of what we intend. Dr. John Demartini introduces a new perspective, explaining why sometimes we cannot maintain a one-sided outlook all day, and teaching the secret to remaining balanced regardless of outer circumstances.

In all situations, you have the power to influence how you think and feel about what you encounter by working with your perceptions. Dr. Demartini has helped thousands of people take back their control, bring about more realistic expectations on themselves and on the world and calm the extremes of emotions.

Young Adults Inspired Destiny is a very special program designed for young people who are at an extremely stressful point in their lives, either gearing up to leave school or who have just left school and are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. This is an exciting time for young adults, being liberated into adulthood, free to make all their own decisions; but it is a truly challenging time bringing great responsibility. There is pressure to know what to do, know what to be, and how to go about achieving a desirable lifestyle.

There are many issues to confront:

1. How do I know what my purpose is?
2. I can’t stay focused in class what do I do?
3. What am I going to do when I finish school/
college or varsity?
4. My mother, father, friends think I should
study ‘x’, how do I know if they are right?
5. How do I make money doing what I love?
6. How do I deal with my anger towards
my parents?
7. I don’t fit in, is there something wrong
with me?
8. I have low self-esteem, how do I deal with
my lack of confidence?
9. I feel sad and depressed, is there something
I can do?
10. I don’t know what is important to me,
how do I know?
11. How do I know what subjects to take?
12. How do I improve my marks?
13. I am terrified of failing, what do I do?
14. I am not good enough, smart enough, strong
enough etc. to do what I would love to do,
what do I do?
15. How do I deal with my emotions?
16.How do I achieve goals, make money and
become something in life?
17. I feel like I will lose my friends if I follow
my dreams, what do I do?

Young Adults Inspired Destiny will assist young people to understand how to rise to life’s challenges and how to gain clarity on their destiny. Perseverance in the same direction over time adds up to great achievement.

When we know what direction to take, we begin our path to success.

Dr. Demartini also helps his readers optimize their wealth building potential beginning. If you are ready to take command of your financial destiny, there is a science to creating, managing and preserving the wealth that you would love and feel you deserve. Whether you seek short-term financial solutions or are searching for a sustaining financial philosophy, you stand to gain from this opportunity to introduce yourself to Dr. Demartini’s method for building wealth and financial mastery.

Dr. John F. Demartini is an entrepreneur, international educator, business consultant and multiple bestselling author. He has appeared on hundreds of national and international radio and television talk, Pathways to Paradise in Hawaii and financial news shows including CNN’s Larry King Live, CNBC, CBS, NBC and PBS. Articles and feature stories about Dr. Demartini and his entrepreneurial insights have appeared in numerous international magazines and newspapers including CEO, Destiny Man, Success, Leadership, Succeed Magazines. He has consulted for fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities, financiers and other professionals.

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