Addressing the Corporate business of the over incarceration of America’s

Posted on January 2, 2012


In part 1 of this series we look at addressing the Corporate business of the over incarceration of America’s citizens. With America having the highest number of it’s population in prison’s across the nation and the globe and those numbers continuing to climb.

Lisa Kaye addresses the injustice of the Corporate business model of the incarceration of America’s citizens and the ongoing recycling people into prison.

She discuses the changes that need to occur. Looking at how instead recycling and locking people up, creating new models to let people live a full productive life without restriction’s from a “wealth class/cast system”. Addressing the restriction’s of a “lack resources” creates, our current jails and prison systems are failing. She speaks about how allowing people to find and honor what their individual human potential, skill-set or vocation they inspire to accomplish.

Everyone deep down inside of them has a dream, and when we take time to listen and honor the other person, instead of running our own agenda or holding a bias or prejudice. We allow that person’s Human Potential unfold.

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