Freedom of Press?? Freedom of Speech??

Posted on January 1, 2012


Every one should be worried about all my content, news articles and original posts from the that was crashed to remove my news articles, photo’s and content. Losing all the information and media coverage of world events I had written about and reported.

Articles covering the global financial crises, the harmful Nuclear radiation from Fukushima, the US Army Corps of engineer’s flooding Nuclear Powers plants, human rights and other events are now unrecoverable and even more important not available to citizen, impeding my freedom of press and freedom of speech.

Among-st the lost contents of all the important information on the website, was my article on the MIT Cold Fusion Colloqium, which the Dept of Energy, other news, and media outlets tried to censor, actually calling me and complained. DOE at that time tried to remove my content and the report in June 2011. I received other emails and phone calls bullying me and trying to censor my article on Cold Fusion and DOE Secretary of Energy Steven Chu responsibilities, “Steven Chu looks at Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Cold Fusion.”. Over the next several months more than thirty news agencies and media outlets had linked into the website that finally went down and was crashed in the fall. Unfortunately my articles were lost and request from the to re-establish the information has not occurred.

Should this make you wonder about America’s beliefs in Freedom Of Press, Freedom of Speech. Or am I the only one concerned about censorship and ability to share information without concerns of harm, censorship and imprisonment.

But most citizen never voice their dismay with Government, Business or Social injustice. Are we that busy just trying to survive and working ourselves to death to pay our bills.

This is just one area that we have lost our freedom.
It is scary when global citizens can no longer live by free will and self governance, but are enslaved by a troth system, bills, credit and taxes. That only a few can drink at and enjoy the benefits of freedom, that every human being has the natural born right to.

Here is the link , the website was crashed an the article is no longer available original post was at:

If we will continue to put our heads in the sand like ostriches and not voice or fight for our freedom and human rights, I can ensure you that more fear, enslavement, censorship and restriction will follow not only in America but more so to the un-empowered world citizens who feel they have no right to stand up for themselves, to have a venue for action to stop in-equality and un-justice or voice issues.