What is the return on investment for Humanity

Posted on December 3, 2011


As Global financiers, world markets and countries struggle to show the value of past and current monetary structures, the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Giethner finally set the stage to broaden the scope of what our exchange currency is and may need to be by making a statement that made many on Wall Street and the world duck for cover.

“Even with all the damage caused by this crisis, with millions of Americans still struggling to find work or stay in their homes, and even in the face of the European crisis, we are seeing a determined effort to slow and weaken reforms that are critical to our ability to protect Americans from another crisis,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said to a group at the offices of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Secretary Geithner spoke about the importance of a fundamental restructuring of our financial system.

Adding to the stress are Europe’s banks battling with their governments to borrow $2 trillion in the next year on the outskirts of the two groups refinance maturing bonds and bills.

One thing becomes apparent the Global ROI Return on Investment needs to be the well being of Humanity and the planet. That cash returns are only paper and those currencies have changed as man’s knowledge and understanding evolves.

Secretary Tim Geithner “The Macroprudential Toolkit: Measurement and Analysis”” target=”

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