Hawaii steering the ship of the APEC Economies

Posted on November 14, 2011


Article and Photo by Tina Quizon

As President Obama made his final remarks to us live here in Hawaii about the innovative dialogues created with the 21 APEC countries, one thing remained clear, Hawaii is an important strategic point in the navigation of trade, economics and leadership across the Asia Pacific region.

At this pivotable time globally many of the key APEC leaders agreed, the vision, partnerships and pathways to creating broader strategies globally are now forming into concrete concepts that can raise the quality of life for citizens across the APEC economies. That having a unified vision with healthy trade and competitiveness that inspires innovation, technologies and responsible social, government and corporate solutions in fostering Human potential, equality and a green economy.

Here is the link to our Pathways to Paradise TV Show coverage of President Obama’s final speech at the APEC Summit here is Hawaii, filmed by Tina Quizon:

With the global crashing of many financial sytems & the economical instability for countries worldwide it gives a measure and gauge were people are truly not only open to broader ideas and partnerships. But there was alot of talk about seeking unconventional systems from global leaders like US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, Minister of Finance, New Zealand by realizing the value of looking outside of the traditional rule & governance of how present economies tick, and how to spawn the much needed boost. It is an exciting time of ideas, inspiration and focusing on the present reality of our world we live in.

In a press release today by the 19th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting it was summarized that – leaders agreed to take concrete steps toward building a “seamless regional economy” that will generate growth and create jobs in three priority areas: strengthening regional economic integration and expanding trade, promoting green growth, and advancing regulatory convergence and cooperation.