Women at the front lines as active agents in solving the Global Financial & Economic Crises

Posted on November 10, 2011


A new front line is being seen across the globe, as nations are seeking the valuable input of Women in changing the outlook, outcomes and success for combating problems of Sovereign Debt, Poverty Alleviation and social reform which are the pillars that will help humanity survive the global financial and economic challenges plaguing humanity.

As the Global leaders acknowledge that we have reach critical mass globally with too many countries in bankruptcy, defaulting and in need of continuous bailouts. The transparency of the non value or answer to the debt solution of just rolling out the presses to print more paper money is not accreditable. People are finding out that there is no “bottomless pit, with the Wizard of OZ”, were the big Bailers such as the Federal Reserve, EU Central Bank , World Bank, and IMF have global accountability, and need of openness in disclosing what is the real source of funds , and the errs of continually restocking the shelves behind the curtain. The amount of people who are living in extreme poverty and facing death and annihilation everyday is rising at a rate faster than ever seen in centuries.

Women are stepping forward to take on humanities greatest priority and having Women at the table is a precedent in all levels of government, business and society. Talking about everyone’s Human Potential as an important current in the Global GDP. Having broader definitions that include Human Potential as a bottom line and expectations of what is the future of the worlds policies, financial & economic systems and the Humanities return on investments.

And today as I start my day early, arriving at the University of Hawaii to set up my Tripod TV Camera, I reflect on how I love my work. As I prepare for Secretary Hillary Clinton who will speak here in Hawaii at the UH East West about APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) delivering remarks on “America’s Pacific Century”, then Sec. Clinton will later hold several meeting regards the bilateral meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang and Japanese Foreign Minister Gemba, with Australian Foreign Minister Rudd. But it is her continued dialogues on the importance of women stepping forward and the world leaders accepting and valuing the vital role of Women in decision making and policies across the board. That I look forward to being apart of.

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