Transmutation of Radiation into Radiance of Light

Posted on October 18, 2011


***Extra Special Thanks to Dr. Gabriel Cousens who coordinated & began focusing on this meditation at noon daily through the EESystem at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center & also to Nonnie Chrystal for focusing her energy through her EESystem featured in the “Greenest House in the World”. Please share this updated version of what we shared at the QiGong Congress that has already gone out to over 100,000 people around the world!***


The intention of this visualization is to feel & know the transmutation of radiation into the radiance of the Light of Consciousness. It is an intention of nullifying & transforming the destructive energies behind the radiation as well as the radiation & fall-out itself into energetics that can accelerate global awakening, evolution & enlightenment.

In a variation of understanding the principle that what we send out with our thoughts returns to us multiplied, the darkness of the radiation that has been sent out returns as transmuting light for the enlightenment of Mother Earth & the consciousness of humanity. As we share this radiation transmutation experience, we send divine love, sound & light to the planet & to the very heart of Mother Earth, connecting our hearts with hers. Radiate & share the only things we really want to share with everyone: our light, love, joy, peace, health, wealth & happiness… to touch the hearts of every being to feel more love now… Remember: As We Radiate Light, Nothing that is not of the Light can affect us & nothing is more powerful than Love.

We invite you to do this every day for 3 minutes at noon in your particular time zone. The power of the increasing radiation may be neutralized with the spaced repetition of the shared intention as outlined below. If we commit just 3 minutes every day to transmute these energies, this gift of service allows us to exude more healthy energy & blessings during this time of transformation. We suggest you share this experience each day at noon using your heart chakra (the main magnetic, electrical, consciousness-transferring field in the body) as an amplifier along with EESystem ‘Qi Technology’. It may be useful to remember, in sharing these intentions that nuclear radiation is a form of negative light that can be overcome by the blue white light radiating out from within the zero-point of the very center of your DNA. We believe Light Fusion to be the antidote to fission, facilitating Infinite radiations & embodiments of Light, as from within we conquer.

If you share this from within a true Bio-Scalar EESystem, an internet audio and/or video stream can further broadcast our intentions throughout the World Wide Web, the external manifestation of the global mind link, so that people can tune into & feel this powerful connection all over this beautiful planet. Please search YouTube under “Radiation Meditation” to join in!


Visualizing & feeling the embodiment of cellular knowing that the nuclear radiation has already been transmuted into the Light & Unified Fields of Consciousness Now!

1. Begin by vibrating 3 repetitions of the sacred Yod or Om sound.

2. Feel the blue white light being activated within your DNA, which naturally transmutes all that is needed into healthy molecules, to regenerate your DNA.

3. If you have had access to the true bio-scalar waves of the EESystem, you know it actively repairs the DNA & creates unified fields that can nullify & mitigate radiation and other destructive energy patterns for a 2 mile radius. If you are not actually within an EESystem, project yourself into where you have been in one in a past or future memory. You may also go to to see actual EESystems to help with your meditation. This is an important step, for as we are using our minds, bodies & the Light, scalar waves of this EESystem technology can amplify our intentions. We can invoke Divine Intervention & Guidance to accelerate our results.

4. Feel the blue white light begin to expand from every cell & DNA pattern in your body & begin to let it move around our world. See the world being enveloped in this blue white light, which transforms all that needs transforming into the pure blue white Light of Consciousness.

5. Send this blue white light out from your heart chakra to be carried on all communication wave from internet, TV, radio & even other scalar technologies.

6. Now project the blue white light from your heart into the great central heart of Mother Earth. Feel that deep personal heart connection, peace & Oneness.

7. Visualize a column of Golden Light coming down from the heavens flowing through your body from your crown chakra & entering the earth through your feet. This Light surrounds you as you allow this Light to flow to the center of the earth & expand to fill all of Mother Earth with the support & Love of our Divine Father. Now visualize a column of Silver Light coming up from Mother Earth through your feet & totally surrounding your body. See this Light expanding itself to encompass the entire earth into the heavens & back to the Father. Allow your Self & the entire Universe to feel the balancing of all land, skys & seas, all masculine & feminine aspects being aligned by the Light , with the Light & as the Light & Highest Powers of Love creating harmony for the blessings & good of all that is & ever shall be. All Light coming together & radiating Infinite Love here on Earth as it is in Heaven through us Now.

8. End with 3 repetitions of the sacred Yod or Om sound & feel these vibrations filling the galaxy to Infinity.

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If you have access to an EESystem, we recommend using some specific settings in conjunction with the broadcast of this shared experience. To request a copy of these settings, please email our team at: or call the Florida Office: (863) 471-6820 for more information.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D. leads a meditation to reduce the ecological impact of radiation click and watch the link and learn more about his meditation:

For more info from Dr. Gabriel Cousens on what you can do about the issues of both ionizing & non-ionizing radiation, visit:


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