Gods of Accident – After today Russian Roulette will never be the same

Posted on October 18, 2011


Article by Tina Quizon

The poignancy of our reality who’s story is overdue in time. Six people destined in a game of Russian Roulette are entwined together by their deep dark secrets and far reaching circumstances.

Gods of Accident is a physiological thriller

As the dice drops down onto the table and the number revealed, Hollywood’s newest Star on the rise, 13 year old, Jourdan Jackson plays Number 3 is passed a gun and unravels the very innocence of childhood with one blatant shot to the Head of #1.

Shocked by such a cold heartless act the remaining group contemplates how a child could commit such an immoral crime.

The plot unfolds with each persons blemish revealing their own entwined web of lies in Human Trafficking around the world. With every 10 minutes that passes another interval of the drop of the dice occurs, as the voice in their head agitates and brings to the surface and the group the deceptions of the past. Laying a foundation of the present predicament, building on the realization how there immoral acts will soon end and their life will cease to exist.

Gods of Accidents reveals how our modern lives and society continues some of Humanities most atrocious immoralities. Worldwide it is estimated that over 26-27 million boys, girls and adults are traded into the Human Trafficking industry and the Sex Trader markets globally. And in America the Land of the Free and the brave, over 500,000 people are estimated to bravely continue to try to escape our the age old demons of slavery.

After today Russian Roulette will never be the same.

The movie premiered on the east coast to a sold out crowd at the New York City International Film Festival. Written by Jayme LaForest and Produced by David Fichette the film won the NYCIFF award for Best Humanitarian Film. And the Best Supporting Actress award went to Jourdan Jackson. Watch the film clip at:


For more information on the movie visit the website at: http://www.4waymirror.com

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