National Day of Overcoming Extreme Poverty – Philippines Oct 16 2011

Posted on October 16, 2011


Carefully walking along the Manila Bay the previous morning snapping pictures close up for the first time since I left Manila in September I was seeing the destruction and devastation from the 2 major typhoons that left havoc from the wall of water that inundated the area.

I became aware of  homeless people and families still continuing to live along the destruction and devastation, taking any fragment of the broken area to have some respite, to even cook a meal, or have a shanty of a shelter,  gratefully accepting the bare minimum in this harsh open exposed area. Is it really so necessary for others in our so called modern civilized age  to live in such extreme poverty, to lack the basic human rights which should be afforded to every individual. What are the Global Leaders duty and role to ensure such basic human rights are meant? Why does it seem we as individuals and collective societies turn a blind eye to such injustices.   Why does Humanity continue to fail to provide for the poor & destitute, but to continue to have such polarity of extreme wealth and extreme poverty globally? 

In 1993 former President Fidel V. Ramos declared for the Philippines October 17 as the National Day of Overcoming Extreme Poverty through the Presidential Proclamation No. 269. And yet as many gather at Rizal Park for the latest commemorative and wreath laying, I ask some in the crowd if they have seen the homeless that live among-st the destruction at Manila Bay. Many are not aware.

According to the website of The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) this year marks the final year.  In 2011, its final year, the project will: (1) provide communications support and engage the basic sectors in an intensified nationwide advocacy for the establishment of a stronger national policy on reproductive health; (2) provide communications support for the new Poverty Reduction and Social Protection Framework; and (3) document good LGU practices in integrating poverty, population and environmental sustainability strategies.

On this day so many joined together at Rizal park, it was with a glimmer of hope for the important message to be heard . And to continue to bring forth to the public the awareness and continued urgency necessary keeping on the forefront this violation of human rights and the still much needed work to be done  to  addresses the basic inequalities in Philippines and around the world.  Poverty Alleviation and social reform are the pillars that will help humanity survive the global financial and economic challenges plaguing humanity. We have reach critical mass globally with too many people who are living in extreme poverty and are facing death and annihilation everyday.  This our greatest priority to take precedents in all levels of government and society.

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