Palawan Caves possibly the newest Treasure in the 7 wonders of Nature

Posted on October 9, 2011


It’s almost midnight and as my plane lands into the airport at Manila I receive an updated text with an Itinerary on the story I am covering  following the  Global Delegates of the Key Program.   It says tour the “The Palawan Caves”, without a thought I tuck my phone back into my purse and proceed to exit the plane. Its late I grab my luggage and head through customs to get a taxi to the Hotel. Arriving at my hotel I am greeted by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael one of the Key Program Global Delegates, we chat about the schedule as I check in to my room, one day of rest then we head for our destination one of the largest underground estuaries in the world.

The sun streams its golden light into my room, daylight quickly dawned. I woke got ready and went down for breakfast. Grabbing one of  the Sunday papers it is  the Business Mirror, the No. 1 daily business newspaper in the Philippines, with a beautiful photo of the Palawan Caves. The article reads, Palawan Caves  to possibly be named one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. It grabs my focus, as I reflect back to the late night text I received, among the reasons for the wonder of the Palawan caves &  underground river is the very high amount of energy resulting from its unique thermal equator location.  Scientist believe the caves hold more discoveries including the 20 million-year-old fossil of sirenia.

The region is known as one of the most complex cave systems in the world, with unique cave formations from secondary mineral deposits not found any where else in the world. The sites recognition has boosted excitement for locals and tourist alike. The region is well know for its  breathtaking beauty with its white-sand beaches, lush forest, wildlife parks and natural wonders.

To read the full article about the Palawan Caves as a contender as one of  the choices for the  7 Wonders of Nature go to the link at :

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